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Real Estate, or in simpler terms, housing, is something that affects us all; every man, woman and child needs a place to call ‘home’. At Doug Disher Real Estate, our professional, courteous and passionate team of real estate agents assists people with their housing needs in Brisbane’s inner-West.   More than just being a place to call home, real estate can also be an excellent vehicle for people to achieve their desired lifestyle or fulfil their dreams and goals. At the time of writing, it was estimated that around 80% of Australia’s ‘Rich 100’ had accumulated their wealth through Real Estate.   Real Estate isn’t just selling houses, or collecting rent. It’s enabling students to minimise their household hassles while they are completing their university degree; it’s arming someone with the best information to help them make an informed decision about how much to bid at an auction, or the best way to market their home so that they know they’ll attract the right buyers. It’s handing the keys to someone who’s just bought their new home and sharing in the excitement of that over, and over, and over again.   What it boils down to is helping people, and that’s what the people at Doug Disher Real Estate love doing.   Our Property Management Team helps people find a home to rent while they study, or save to buy their very first home. Our Property Managers assist landlords, whether local, interstate or international, to keep their investments occupied, well-maintained and generating a steady source of income.   Our Sales Team helps first home buyers take their first step to wealth creation through the purchase of their very first home and helps established homeowners to grow their property portfolio and wealth through further purchases. Our Sales Consultants keep many of the locals updated with the ever-changing market conditions so that, when the time comes to make a move, they have the most up-to-date knowledge of local housing prices.   And of course, when situations change or other opportunities arise, our real estate agents assist homeowners with the sale of their property, or properties, so they can smoothly transition into the next chapter of their lives.   At Doug Disher Real Estate, our people know that it’s not just about the real estate. It’s about you, and we never lose sight of that.   For more info on our service areas – Auchenflower, Toowong, Taringa, St. Lucia, Indooroopilly, Paddington, Bardon, Chapel Hill, Kenmore and other areas in Brisbane, please visit our Contact Us page.