There’s nothing better than moving into a new home. It signifies a fresh start, and a chance to make a space that is entirely your own. You get to fill each corner with aspects of your personality and make the entire home a reflection of you and your family.

When you’re going through the process of decorating your home, you need to ensure that your backyard isn’t neglected. You need to make the most of your entire home, not just the interior, which is why choosing decorative elements for your outdoor areas is just as important as choosing furniture and colour schemes for your interiors.

Don’t let your backyard be wasted space. A well-appointed backyard extends your living space and ensures you make the most of the area you have paid to buy and will pay to maintain. Use these expert tips to beautify your new home’s backyard.


Get a 24-hour Backyard

So many people forget to fill their backyard with the most basic element – light! Light is one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to transform your outdoor area because it allows you to highlight the strong points of your backyard. You can shine light on your deck, or favourite flower beds to create a visually exciting space, while also ensuring the fun doesn’t end when the sun goes down.

Use Pathways to Create Contrasts

The human eye is naturally drawn to contrast and division. You need to fill your backyard with these elements to ensure it isn’t dull. There are a number of ways to do this, but by using pathways, you create division while also making your backyard more accessible.

On top of accessibility, pathways also keep the interior of your home cleaner. Instead of tracking all the dirt and muck inside, your shoes and feet will stay clean on your paths. When it comes to material, you should opt for concrete. Not only is concrete durable and low-maintenance, but you can also use techniques like stamping and stencilling to mimic more high-end and maintenance intensive materials like paving and stone.

Improve Air Quality

Vertical gardens and green walls are becoming a popular choice for homeowners everywhere. They are the perfect remedy for people who want more greenery in their lives but are challenged by space. This method of gardening allows you to use all areas, including the vertical ones.

The best part is, green walls also improve the air quality of your home and cut down on heating and cooling costs by adding insulation.

Build a Deck

A deck is the centrepiece of every great Aussie backyard. A timber deck gives you a whole new living space, for entertaining, relaxing and everything else in between. It also gives you a space to organise the rest of your backyard around – add a pool to impress your neighbours, add a barbecue to create an outdoor kitchen or border the deck with garden beds to add more foliage.


This is just an example of what you could do with your backyard. In fact, it’s yours, so do anything you like with it, just make sure you imbue it with your unique personality. If you hate gardening, go for plenty of hardscaped spaces, but if you love gardening, fill every square inch with flowers, trees, shrubs and other plants.


Tips kindly provided by Everlast Services. Click here to download a printable PDF.


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