Brisbane is a city of around 2.2 million people and the capital of Queensland, Australia. With a beautiful sub-tropical climate, lots of sunshine and just 23 kilometres to the Pacific Ocean, Brisbane is attractive to a wide variety of people. Positive migration both from interstate and overseas means strong demand for housing and that, coupled with mining and tourism, augers well for the Queensland economy.

The Western Suburbs are highly regarded by buyers and most people who buy in this area, stay there. Statistically, around 75% of buyers come from the local area already. There is a great mix of nationalities, backgrounds and age groups. The University of Queensland and many good schools make it a drawcard for many people. The Brisbane river and the City Cat ferries are another reason why people like this area.

Doug Disher Real Estate has been in Brisbane since the mid-nineties. Doug Disher began his Queensland real estate career in 1987 and so knows the Western Suburbs and its people extremely well. The family-run business has flourished and has a high level of repeat and referral business, always an indication that the Company’s work ethic and care for people is at the highest level.

With all their Real Estate Agents in Brisbane, licenced by the Queensland Office of Fair Trading, and also being members of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland as an Accredited Agency, the public knows that it is dealing with a reputable and accountable agency, and their real estate agents.

Doug Disher Real Estate has a wide range of properties for sale, from studio apartments to multi-million dollar homes, from the traditional Queenslander and Colonial homes to post-war cottages, right up to ultra-modern, architecturally designed works of art.

The company’s real estate agents are trained to listen for what buyers are looking for in a property. By carefully listening and then giving considered thought to the brief, they can accurately source the right type of property for the buyers, thereby helping the seller as well as the buyer. Follow-up and diligence means a high level of satisfaction for the company’s many clients.

Buyers know that when they contact Doug Disher Real Estate, they will be looked after, listened to and treated with respect and care. They will not be forgotten or dismissed out-of-hand, regardless of how small or how large their budget is. They also know that they will be given all relevant information about a property they are considering, good or bad. An informed decision is the best decision.

Anyone looking for a real estate agent in Brisbane, should always include Doug Disher Real Estate in their plans, so give us a call on 07 3870 1234.