Application Form

Fill in the first page of the Application Form, and make sure you have photocopies of 100 points of ID and proof of income as listed on page 2. You will also need to sign the bottom of page two, and write your name, signature and date page 3. You don’t need to do anything else on that page.





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In the event of an emergency you must contact the office immediately. If outside office hours, please contact the following companies for 24 hour service. Please note that if the matter is not an emergency, you may be required to pay the tradesperson yourself.


  • Energex 13 12 53
  • State Emergency Services 132 500
  • Brisbane City Council 3403 8888
  • Electrician 1800 727 867
  • Plumber 3354 3300
  • Gas Company 13 24 61


All non-emergency work must be approved by the owner before we are permitted to proceed, so repairs may not happen immediately. The owner may require a quote – or several- before proceeding.


If it is found that the damage or fault was not due to normal wear and tear and that it was caused by someone in the tenancy, then the cost will be charged to the tenant.


Trouble Shooting:


We suggest that you look for the obvious, for example hot water systems that may just need topping up with water, or where the pilot light may have gone out. Check the fuses first for any electrical problems. These are things that you are expected to look after yourselves. In the event of power failure, check with Energex 13 12 53 for outages. If it’s just your power sockets that are not working but your lights are, then the chances are one of your personal appliances may be faulty. Unplug ALL your appliances, re-set the fuses and then plug each appliance in one at a time. The faulty appliance will trip the fuse. Often it’s the toaster, fan heater or electric kettle, but test them all and once you’ve found the faulty one either have it repaired or dispose of it. No water? Check that the council is not working in your area. If you are unsure please call the property maintenance department between 9am and 4pm, Monday to Saturday on 3870 1234.